02/24/19 African American Family Book Expo

Northwest Activities Center

Detroit, MI

​12pm-5pm - Exhibitor (Free Event)

Petty Propolis Poetry - Public Speaking, Workshops & Facilitation

01/11/19 Data for Black Lives

MIT Media Lab

Cambridge, MA


For additional event info visit: PETTY PROPOLIS

08/30 - 09/1 2nd Annual Petty Propolis

Art Festival & Artist Retreat

Historic Idlewild, MI

​12pm-5pm - Exhibitor (Free Event)

12/27/18 Kwanzaa Kujichagalia program

Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History

Detroit, MI

6pm - 9pm - Performance


01/05/19 Freedom From Fear: Oscar Grant at Fruitvale Station - film screening & panel

Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History

Detroit, MI

2pm - 5pm - Performance

01/20/19 #Tamponpalooza2019

Baltimore Gallery - 314 E. Baltimore St, Det, MI

Detroit, MI

7pm - 10pm - Donation Drive

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Petty Propolis is a black woman led organization rooted in Detroit, Michigan whose mission is to nurture and re-spirit community members, artists and visionary organizers of all ages, committed to social justice.


Petty Propolis serves the community through various social justice initiatives, art and education workshops, and by teaching poetry as an avenue for visionary resistance. Petty Propolis has taught thousands of youth, elders, (y)elders and community members to realize their creativity through poetry and become visionary contributors to society.

Petty Propolis believes that re-spiriting is particularly significant in Detroit, as the city's residents have suffered under the weight of a half-century of propaganda assault. Poetry as a form of visionary resistance has served as a systemic method for countering the negative dominant narrative that has plagued the city.

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