Petty Propolis Poetry - Public Speaking, Workshops & Facilitation


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Petty Propolis is a Black woman led organization rooted in Detroit, Michigan whose mission is to nurture and re-spirit community members, artists and visionary organizers of all ages, committed to social justice.

Petty is the last name of Director and Founder, Tawana "Honeycomb" Petty. Propolis is the glue that bees create to seal, protect, repair, and extend their hives. It also translates to "defense of the city."

This is fitting for an artist named Honeycomb who believes that small collective efforts are what's needed in order to create true safety and sustain and re-spirit our communities.​


Petty Propolis serves the community through various social justice initiatives, art and education workshops, and by teaching poetry as an avenue for visionary resistance. Petty Propolis has taught thousands of youth, elders, yelders and community members to realize their creativity through poetry and become visionary contributors to society.

Petty Propolis believes that re-spiriting is particularly significant in Detroit, as the city's residents have suffered under the weight of a half-century of propaganda assault. Petty Propolis challenges all forms of anti-Black racism and teaches methods for countering the dominant negative narrative that has plagued predominately Black cities like Detroit and perpetuated racial violence against Black bodies all over the world. (See media page for more info.)

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